Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Merry Humbug Christmas Blog Link-Along"

Merry Christmas Snow ,A.K.A. Joss M. Snow  is a 26 year old Corporate PR Girl that in her mind was born on the wrong day. December 25th is to be a day for opening presents from Santa Claus not being born. But no matter how much Joss wished and wished to change her date of birth that was an impossible feat. To quote Joss,(A.K.A. Merry Christmas) "by the time she turned twenty-five, she had just about all she could take of her given name.  She'd carried that thing around with her like a joke book tucked into her back pocket".  So what did she do she decided enough was enough and she decided to wipe out Christmas entirely, and to take the curse off of her name.  So the day after her 26th Birthday she officially changed her name to Joss M. Snow.  A normal plain name wouldn't you say?  But there is nothing normal about Joss as much as she loves life, her joy is her  PR Firm with business partner Ryan, and taking time to be with her best friend Reese. Joss and Reese for the past 5 years have escaped the Christmas Wrath. Even with changing her name, she finds that she does not like Christmas. She avoids it at all cost. This year was a no exception, she found a  Bah Humbug Cruise sailing to the Mexican Riviera now does that not sound like a perfect getaway to avoid the Christmas Season? Seriously,  For Joss their is nothing like a fresh Praline Cheesecake, or any kind of cheese cake for that matter. She is a loyal friend and once and her become friends it is friends for life. Just ask Reese about their friendship.  It is a friendship made in heaven.  Then there is  David Cassidy aka Keith Partridge from the Partridges family is her teen idol, that has carried over into her young adult life.  Her constant companion Caleb is a sheepdog but hasn't realized he has "outgrown" the lapdog phase. Reese and Caleb are her family.  The great adventures for Joss is sitting behind a desk, drumming up ideas for various ad campaigns for her corporate clients, yet she finds herself every year escaping the reality of Christmas at least of the past five years.  This year is  the not the exception, her Bah Humbug Cruise may turn out to be the Merriest Christmas of all.