Sunday, January 5, 2014


                                              Become ~ To grow or come to be...

                                                   John 3:30
                              HE must Become greater, I must Become less

2014 seemed to be before us in a blink of an eye. For me his last year of Embracing held so much for me I learned to live moment by moment and to have learned what made me happy and to embrace life to the fullest!  And it i included a year of new relationships, a trip to SC for the Celebrate Recovery Summit and to celebrate my big 50 in NYC with my best friend and chosen sister, 

So when December came and I started to turn to 2014 I started to think of what 2014 would hold for me. What did God want to show.  2012 was Audacious, 2013 Embrace and it just seemed that for me the puzzle piece I was looking for held the word Become....

Become - employed full-time 
Become - a better mother (always room for improvement) one that takes time to listen to her children and not always fix the issue for them. 
Become - completed with my Masters (February 2014)  and work towards my Christian counseling License 
Become - a better friend and spend more time praying for my friends and their families
Become - more fit and healthy with my body 
Become - more fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ
Become - a women whose recovery will be life long but will have the necessary tools not to fall victim into a relapse 
Become  -a better blogger
Become -  more organized in my home
Become -   One that has learned the art of self care 

So many ways I can grow this year this list is just a few snip bits of things God is showing me that I can work on.  It will be a a year be willing to be stretched, having fath to finish this lap that God has me on.  Not sure what the future holds but I do know that I will Become who he wants me to be ,

Let's celebrate 2014 and put our feet forward we have Lots to do for his kingdom


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