Friday, May 30, 2014

A Journey of Healing

  Our Journey's  are each so unique as the hairs on our head.  We don't know when we take that step how our life could change.  We are so settled in each step that we take that often we don't see what is coming before we actually smack right into it.  Yet, looking back we see the signs so clearly and wonder why we did not see that the first time around. 
Your walk even around the block maybe different then the walk I take around my block.  Although I really can't say I have a block to walk around as my place is rather unique I have woods behind my house with an orange grove so it is uniquely different then others. Yet, when we talk those walks we see things that we may not ever see again.  Psalms 23 has been in my thoughts a lot this week.  I have been closely examining it and seeing new things I never really pondered before. Such as verse 4 which says....
Here God is talking about walking, thru a situation many of us don't like to talk about.  Believe me I get that. Yet, what has had me meditating the last few days is that I have always assumed it is a physical death. Yet, after really looking at this and studying this I am not a scholar by any means yet, I am finding that I believe it is when we walk thru trials, when life gets too hard, when we feel we cannot walk another step.  God is with us, he has promised us that we will comfort us and we don't need to fear God's Got this!!! 
The last three years have been a walk that I never anticipated and yet, looking back yes I saw many neon signs that I most likely chose to ignore.  Yet, I can honestly say that God has been with me, through the death of my marriage, to the journey of healing to learning to walk alone and holding myself together.  It has not been easy.  It does take a family of sorts to get your life together. That is something that I have grown to appreciate. 
When life tries to get you down, know that in the midst of the haze that life throws your way.  He always makes a way.  Years ago when I learned a song called God will make a way. It is a song I still often find myself singing yet it says, "he makes a way we can not see, He will find a way for me. He will be my guide He will be my guide , Hold me closely to His side,  With love and strength
For each new day, He will make a way ...I can honestly say he does make a way.
Blessings my Friend

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